Precast Catch Basins

Catch Basins are ideal solutions for stormwater runoff and flooding.

Why should you incorporate precast catch basins in your next stormwater management project?

Inlet curbs and catch basins are the most dependable and efficient solution for managing excessive stormwater runoff and flooding. Catch basins are often used along sidewalks and streets, or in open yard spaces with drainage problems.

The advantage of using precast catch basins is that installation is fairly simple. In contrast to poured in place structures, precast installation can be completed with simple machinery and a small group of professionals.


What to look for in a precast catch basin supplier.

A track record or implementing strong, erosion-resistant material that withstands freezing and thawing weather cycles.

Design capabilities that address the project’s unique filtration needs.

Portfolio of catch basin sizes and shapes to handle the amount of rainfall and debris experienced in the project location.

Catch Basin Options

Knockout Catch Basins

For use when you need to easily cut a custom size or shape hole for the entrance and exit pipe.

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Both knock-outs and block-outs fulfill a similar role, enabling the connection of pipes to the catch basin structure. A knock-out constitutes a partially recessed section on the sides of a catch basin. Depending on the preferred shape and size of the pipe to be connected, knock-outs can assume either a square or round configuration. During the installation process, you can easily break out the reduced thickness wall of a knock-out to attain the desired size and shape.
Block-Out Catch Basins

For use when you want multiple cast-in or cored options for the entrance and exit pipe.

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Both knock-outs and block-outs serve a similar purpose – they allow for pipes to be connected to the catch basin structure. Block-outs are full penetrations through the side of the catch basin and allow for a specific size pipe to be attached. Block-outs are either cast-in during the production process or cored prior to product delivery.
Inlets Catch Basins

For use in applications involving paved surfaces in urban settings & along roadways or parking areas.

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Both area inlets and curb inlets are considered catch basins and serve the same purpose. They differ in the location in which they are installed and the appearance of the final product. Area inlets are typically installed in the low areas of parking areas and have slotted or perforated metal grates covering the opening in the top. Curb inlets, as the name would imply, are installed within a sloping curb and gutter system and have a precast or metal “curb shaped” inlet.

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